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cnc turning services in sharjah uae

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cnc turning services in sharjah uae

What is CNC turning?

CNC turning produces parts by mounting a blank on a rotating chuck and removing material using stationary cutting tools. This technology is ideal for manufacturing parts with symmetry along their center axis. Turned parts are typically produced faster (and at a lower cost) than milled parts.


Maximum part size for CNC turning

Part size limitations Metric units Imperial units
Maximum part diameter 500 mm 17 in
Maximum part length  1500 mm 39 in
Maximum swing over the carriage 350 mm 13.7 in
Maximum spindle through-hole 40 mm 1.5 in

Maximum speed: 1700RPM, Motor power: 640W


Available materials for CNC turning

Industry leading companies in aerospace, automotive, defense, machinery, medical technology, robotics, electronics, oil & gas, industrial automation and more that require high degrees of detail and complexity come to Hubs for rapid prototypes and production parts.



Additional Features

We have high standards for CNC turning

We manufacture your custom parts according to strict manufacturing standards and ensure all parts and processes adhere to the International Standards.  A thorough verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that we deliver with every order.


Materials we deal in CNC Turning Services :


1. Metals



2. Plastics






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